Exercise 4

Querying Date

Learning objectives:

  • To understand how metadata functions in querying datasets.
  • To gain experience in designing data discovery and retrieval systems.
How to proceed:

  • Use the scenario of searching for datasets in a context, e.g. a project in which team members generate, collect, and share datasets, or a repository for a discipline or domain for data publication, and write a brief description of the context. Please make sure you include the purpose, needs for querying data, and any problems you identified from what you have learned so far.
  • List at least three different kinds of queries to the data collection or repository, for example, “find datasets on land survery during 1980s for New York State”, or “the excel file John created a month ago from a field observation”.
  • Identify the metadata elements that might be useful for providing accurate and best match to the queries.
  • Identify the metadata elemtns that are not effective search points but will be useful for the searcher to select and evaluate the usefulness and quality of the search results.
  • You are strongly encouraged to use tables, charts, or mockup diagrams to demonstrate the querying options and result display.
  • Write a short paragraph or two to describe your thoughts in this design process and feel free to add any annotations to your table/chart/diagram.
  • Write one paragraph or two to summarize your experience in creating the metadata record.

  • A hard copy of your assignment due in class.