Exercise 3

Creating a Metadata Record

Learning objectives:

  • To gain understanding of the role and application of metadata inmanaging science data.
  • To become familiar with scientific metadata standards through hands-on exercise.
How to proceed:

  • Use the information in the table you created for Exercise 2 as the base for mapping with a scientific metadata standard, e.g. if you used geospatial dataset and repository for Exercise 1 and 2, you would be mapping the information with FGDC metadata standard elements.
  • Add a column to the second table as shown below:
    Table 4. Grouping information categories.

    Information category Information identified Entity Mapping to metadata standard
    Maintenance authority USGS Repository Publisher
    Time coverage 1920-present Repository Time period
  • Obtain a copy of the metadata standard. Compare the elements in the standard with the information existing in your table and assign an element or elements to the appropriate information category.
  • Create a metadata record by using one of the following methods (tutorial will be provided for how to use the software:
    • Use Metavista, a software based on CSDGM standard.
    • Use XML schema to create an XML document using an XML editing tool, e.g. XML spy or oXygen XML editor.
  • Write one paragraph or two to summarize your experience in creating the metadata record.

  1. An electronic copy of the metadata record in XML format uploaded into WebCT. The deadline for submission is midnight of the due date.
  2. A printout of the summary of experience in creating the metadata record handed in class.