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Scientific Data Management: Course Materials

  • Syllabus
    Title: Scientific Data Management (IST500/600)

    Instructors: Jian Qin (Spring & Fall 2008), John D’lgnazio (Spring 2009)

    Description: The first module provides an overview of science data and data management, including data fundamentals such as forms, scales, types, and levels, data structures and models, data formats, and databases used to store, retrieve, and manage the data. The second module uses case studies regarding data collection, processing, transformation, and management to understand aggregations of data at three levels of organization: research, resource, and reference collections. In the last module, students will be introduced to methods and tools for evaluating data quality and working with data for use in various practice communities. Throughout the semester, students will work in an interdisciplinary team on a comprehensive science data management project under the instructor’s guidance. The performance of each student is based on exercises, quizzes, group reports, class participation, and the course project.
    This course has been developed as part of the iSchool’s Science Data Literacy project with funding from the National Science Foundation’s Course, Curriculum and Laboratory Improvement program. For more information about the project, please visit the project website

  • Exercises
    Exercise make contributions to grade. The work for this class will involve a mixture of quizzes, individual assignments, group reports and a final project, among which Exercises (4 x 7% = 28%) are designed for you to practice the necessary skills in carrying out data management project.
  • Readings
    Readings are part of critical content that helps better understand the essential of this course. Other than the readings in the “Reading List” page, more readings are available online, as linked in the “Schedule” page.